Hovedopgaver Project Updated
HOPG (Final Dissertations)
5. Semester: International Datamatician Course (Advanced Computer Science)

Projects on 5. semester  

Develop a solution for a selected business problem in a (preferable) real life organization.
The system development must be derived from a business analysis and be based on one or more chosen methodologies.

10-12 weeks of this semester is dedicated to the completion of this project.The project charter is handed out before the semester start and students are required to form project groups before this.

Project 2013     Conditions and concepts for the project 5th semester in 2013 - now , See Zealand's official web-site.

   Project 2011     Conditions and concepts for the project 5th semester in 2011. The English version

    Project 2005     Conditions and concepts for the project 5th semester in 2005. The English version

Former projects:
Here are posted some of the best but not all of the best as some of them are not available in electronic form and some are classified as strictly confidentially (S/C) due to the company's policy. Remember that these reports are only for educational use !!!!!

Year 2018 Advisors: Michael Claudius
MoleHill SocialNetwork Jakub Kuzak, an excellent report with deep technology drecription

Year 2016 & 2017 Advisors: Michael Claudius
MyStory Place Jesper Andersen, an excellent report
E-Sports Deals Stefany Dimitrova Jonas Rytter, a very good report enlightning theory very well
DataVerified (S/C) Kasper Due, a sublime report for a new GDPR system
Easy Time Registration (S/C) Kristinn Jonsson, an excellent report for Chinese company operating in China

Year 2015 Advisors: Michael Claudius
K19 Member System Nicolai Strudsholm, Salik Henrik Nielsen, Katarzyna Grabowska
FreeSoft Peter Nielsen, Martin Kiersgaard
EveryBooking Kim Lindhardt, Rasmus Ketelsen

Year 2014 Advisors: Michael Claudius
Creuna Dashboard Jesper Fosgaard, a sublime report with new idess and topics
Web Registration Shahroz Azmat, an exellent report

Year 2013 Advisors: Michael Claudius
PHP-Undersøgelsesapplikation Hovedopgave Jakob Nørgård, a very good report

Year 2012 Advisors: Michael Claudius
USB Tethering Florin Apetrei; Interesting BUT not following the dissertation requirements from 2013

Year 2011 Advisors: Michael Claudius
SkyChat (S/C) Asbjørn Hansen, fantastic idea

Year 2009 Advisors: Michael Claudius, Henrik Høltzer
Marg Robot System Bjørn Truelsen, Daniel Freiling, Khristina Hansen, agreat report a lot of new stuff
KT Systems (N/A)  

Year 2007 Advisors: Michael Claudius
Meeting Planner Christian Willers Madsen, Jacob Carstensen, Jess Hasselby Nielsen
Nordea Trading Maryna Sushkina Jensen
All in Commune YangChang Hui, a sublime report has all and more what can be expected. Grade 13.

Year 2005 Advisors: Michael Claudius
Pegatus Kataryna Kalyuzhna, Zygimantas Gailiunas
SMS-Service Gelminas Repsas, Bozidar Anastasijevic
Blue Bridge Darius Damalakas, Vilma Rudzionyte, Martynas Kriauciunas, Viktoras Ciumanovas

Year 2004 Advisors: Michael Claudius, Per Jensen
KeyCar IS Eleonora Kulberkyte, Anders Rademacher, Amir Ghabrial
Mit Soft Jonas Mitasiunas, Vytautas Baronas
Salmeda Valda Tolvaisaite, Ramunas Laucius

Year 2003-00 Advisors: Michael Claudius
M-Patrol Marija Tiurina, Stanley Iheme
CarTracking Dario Pacino, Hjörtur Scheving
OnTrack Carsten Fjelkstrup, Paul Trumble, Jama A. Dirir, Harvey Shaw


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