SW-Con 1 Notes Updated 
SW-Construction 1 (Object Oriented Programming)
1. Semester: International Datamatician Course (Advanced Computer Studies)
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Keyboard class intro

How to install Java and other SW-tools at home
Introduction to the Keyboard class 

Slides/blackboard pictures
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BlueJ Ch. 3


Design Object Diagram
ClockDisplay with NumberDisplay


  Fixed Array Array of integers
  Assignment of elements Assignment of array elements, For Loops

Tutorials Chapter 4
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StockManager Intro
BlueJ Ch. 4.9
BlueJProjects Ch. 4

Introduction to ArrayList with objects.
Products project with 3 classes: Product, StockManager, StockDemo



StockManager for-each-loop
BlueJ Ch. 4.8
BlueJProjects Ch. 4

For-each loop on Arraylist
Processing an arraylist of products in the StockManager using the for-each-loop



StockManager while-loop
BlueJ Ch. 4.8
BlueJProjects Ch. 4

While-loop on Arraylist
Processing an arraylist of products in the StockManager using the while-loop


PhoneBook get-a-friend
BlueJ Ch. 4.

The get method in ArrayList
Returns a Person object in PhoneBook class using the get method. Long example on how to program


StockManager iterator-loop
BlueJ Ch. 4.8.3.
BlueJProjects Ch. 4

Iterator class. Iterator-loop on Arraylist
Processing and removing products from an arraylist in the StockManager using the iterator-loop


PayRoll for-loop
BlueJ Ch. 4.12
BlueJPayRoll assignment

Integer array. For-loop of array.
Processing an array with salaries using for-loop



PayRoll sorting
BlueJ Ch. 4.12
BlueJPayRoll assignment

Sorting of an array table.
Using the Arrays.sort() method

Tutorials Chapter 6
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Test1: Diary Manual Inspection

Diary project with 3 classes: Week, Day, Appointment
Introduction to the array with objects.
Manual inspection of test results


Test2: Diary Automation

Automation using test methods
Checking ThreeAppointments, DoubleBooking, FillSpace


Test3: Diary JUnit Automation

Automation using the JUnit class
assertequals method

  NetBeans GUI Swing Subjects
Subjects/Instructions Tutorials Exercises
Install Java SE & Netbeans Download NetBeans Download Java Netbeans

Program environment
projects, .java, .class files
Output Window

NetBeans Basics

Introduction NetBeans Basics

Introduction NetBeans

Swing GUI class, JFrame, JPanel, Layout JButton, JTextField,

NetBeans GUI

Introduction Netbeans GUI Basics

Introduction NetBeans

Class, data fields, get/set methods, constructors, toString
NetBeans Java Class

Introduction NetBeans Java Class CustomerGUI

Generated GUI code
initComponents, Runnable
NetBeans GUI Code

Introduction NetBeans GUI Code

Wrapper classes
String Double Integer
String Number Conversion
String Number Conversion SumGUI
GridLayout String.split()
NetBeans LayOut


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