SW-Con 1 Exercises Updated 
SW-Construction 1 (Object Oriented Programming)
1. Semester: International Datamatician Course (Advanced Computer Studies)
Exercises  Links to solutions and examples.

  The famous Welcome exercise: Basic ideas and concepts 
Simle calculations 
Simple artithmetic operations
  The Famous Welcome exercise to Netbeans.
Simple calculations
  A small GUI-project
  Printing a reminder to different borrowers. 
Fruit distribution for kids. Integer division 
Registration of personal data. Classes and objects.
  Simple calculations using worker/model class and GUI.
Find max and min of two/three numbers. Simple if-else

Printing af list of reminders. Simple loop
Simple for and while loops

  Menu based programming.
Price for a mail/letter. Switch structure
  Travel agency. Simple and nested if-else. 
Scope example
  Simple array operations 
What is behind this mysterious main. 
Bank account calculation of the yearly interest
  Multiplication tables. 
Statistics of hits at Library home pages
  Collection of borrowers using ArrayList
  Exception checked and unchecked. Simple try and catch. 
  Reading and writing objects from/to files 
Specialisations of Borrowes 


Problems and Assignments

Different kind of scopes: class and mehtods

Good or bad design of inheritance 
Strings. Shows the strength of Java 

Theoretical assignment on a simple interface 
Teamwork on tokens


Special Bonus Exercises. Michael's favourites

Labyrinth The maze problem! How to construct a maze. How to find the path through a maze. 
Dates to Knossos. Old but good! 

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