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2. Semester: International Datamatician Course (Advanced Computer Science)
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SYS is short for Systems Development.
The course is divided into two major part:
    1. semester: Software Engineering and Object Oriented Analysis
    2. semester: Software Engineering and Object Oriented Design

The major subjects 1. semester are:

The major subjects 2. semester are: The subjects have been chosen in accordance with the official datamatician curriculum as given by the Danish Ministry of Education and the syllabus at Roskilde Computer Science College.

Teaching Principles
The teaching will be based on groupwork, classic lectures, smaller theoretical assignments, groupwork on practical exercises and team building/work on projects.

Relations with other subjects
SYS2 is closely related to:

and forms the basis for the understanding of: Exam
There is one exam held after 2. semester.
It is an oral interdiciplinary team exam together with Object Oriented Programming: The Database Part and Administra-
tion Systems. The 2.semester project is the starting point for a discussion and a deeper theoretical examination.
This exam is passed if the mark given is 6 or higher.

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