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1. Semester: International Datamatician Course (Advanced Computer Science)
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OOA/D Lars Mathiassen et al
Object Oriented Analysis & Design (new version!)
Forlaget Marko, AAlborg, 2000, 1. edition
ISBN: 87-7751-150-6

PS Lars Mathiassen et al
Professionel Systems Development
Publisher Prentice Hall
Speciel edition.
Only available through RBC

Note 1.  Roger S. Pressman
Software Engineering Ch. 1: The product
McGraw Hill,Inc 1997
ISBN 0-07-052182-4

Note 2. Jeffrey A. Hoffer et al
Modern Systems Analysis and Design ch.8: Determining System Requirements
Benjamin/Cumming Publishing Company Inc. 1996
ISBN 0-8053-2499-2

Note 3.  Ian Sommerville
Software Engineering
Addison & Wesley Inc 2001
ISBN 0-201-39815 X
    ch. 5: Software Requirements
    ch. 6: Requirements Engineering Proces
    ch 15: User interface design

Note 4. Jakob Nielsen
Sun's New Web Design

Note 5. Gary Griffiths
Structured Systems Analysis Techniques
Prentice hall Europe
ISBN 0-13-749847-0
    ch. 2: Introduction to DFDs
    ch. 3: Progressing to DFDs
    ch. 4: Exploding DFDs

Note 6. Jim Arlow and Ila Neustadt
UML and the Unified Process
Addison & Wesley
   Ch. 4: Use case Modeling

Note 7. Kendall Scott
UML Explained
Addison-Wesley, 2001, 1'st Edition
ISBN : 0-201-72182-1
   Ch. 5: How things work together
   Ch. 8. Tracking the Lives of Things

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