Weekly plans Week 9 Updated 
    This Week special Thursday schedule one extra lesson !
Lesson 1-3
Enhanced E/R-diagramming (EE/R) 
 CON Ch. 11 
 Group work on Fantasy library FMC/HIC/EIC
Lesson 5-7 
 Implementation in an Object Oriented Programming Language (OOPL) 
 OOD Ch 17-17.1 
 MC: OOD guidelines. The note Ch. 17.1 
Solutions to Fantasy library FMC/HIC/EIC
Lesson 4-6
OOD special design criteria
OOD Ch. 14
Top-ten assignment, putting all things together in e/r-diagrams


     Review questions

    Problems and assignments:

      The Fantasy Library
      Take a really good look at the revised diagram OOD diagram vs. 2.1
       Then discuss the implementation in OOPL by answereing:

                 0. Choose implementation language
                     Easy Java is chosen !!

                 1. Transform the basic elements for the essential 2 classes like Item and Lend
                     and the corresponding FMC-classes
                     Here Classes, generalization-specialization, attributes and operations are judged.
                    Attributes are defined with acces, datatype, composite attributes are split.
                    Operations are defined with parameters, return value, acces

                2. Transform the FMC holder objects. How are the model objects identified ?
                    Discuss and choose a datastructure for each of the FMC Model holder C&O,
                    i.e. the FMC Model-holder structures are chosen  by looking at how each
                    object must be identified.

                3. Transform the association & aggragation structures.
                    Discuss and choose between one way or two way representations.
                    The evaluation of the frequency (how often are this function called)
                    and the performance (acces time) helps to make the right choice.

                4. Revise the diagrams with the implementation details and draw the new diagram.

        Top-Ten CD

    Field exercises:

    Week 10
                Project establishment, see weekly plan already now on net.
    Week 11
                OOD and RDB the two streams,  see weekly plan already now on net.
   Week 12
                Reqirements,  see weekly plan already now on net.

Enjoy your reading