Weekly plans Week 12 Updated 
Wen   SW Requirements specification 
 Note 3: Ch. 5
Fantasy Library reheqarsal
Thurs   Requirements Engineering proces
 Note 3: Ch. 6
Fri The whole day is dedicated project establishment 

     Review questions

     Good design is different to different people.
        1. What is a good design to you ?
        2. Give examples of good designed systems/things.
        3. How do they fulfill the general list of designcriteria ?

     Problems and assignments:

    The Fantasy Library: Database design decision/documentation
    Take a good look at the EE/R-diagram and the relations.
    Then try to document some essential entities like Borrower, Lend and HomeBorrowItem,
    their relations, attributes characteristcs and domains involved thereby answering the questions:
        1. Describe the entities Borrower, Lend and HomeBorrow using the Entity Specification
        2. Describe some important relations between these entities using the Relation Specification
        3. Identify and describe the attributes using the Attribute Specification
        4. Describe the attribute domain using the Attribute Domain Specification

    Non-functional requirements
        1.     Choose 2-3 different types of non-funtional requirements and describe these in such a form
                that  they can be verified.
        2.     Visit the web-site at your college/university
                    How well did it fit your expectations ? Mark it on a scale from 0-10 (disaster->excellent)
                    Did it fullfill the crieria set up in question 1 ?
                    Use the evaluation form. Discuss the result.

    Field exercises:

        The design of the Library OOP-implementation, Lazy e/r-diagrams and database design is thus
        as considered finalized on Thursday.

Next week
    On your own !