TYPE:                                                  GROUP WORK EXERCISE/DISCUSSION


IDENTIFICATION:                           HOMEWORK1/MC


COPYRIGHT:                                     Michael Claudius


LEVEL:                                                 EASY


DURATION:                                         1-3 hours


SIZE:                                                      100 lines!!


OBJECTIVE:                                        Introduction to network basic


REQUIREMENTS:                              Computer Security







CSF Chapter 1 Assignments


The following assignments must be solved in groups (4-5 persons) and followed up by a short presentation in the class later.


Assignment 0

Find 10 security threats/attacks and for each state:

·       type(direct/indirect)

·       likelihood (high, medium, low), how likely is this attack

·       impact (high, medium, low), how severe is the damage of a successful attack


Assignment 1


Pick out 1-2 interesting periods of activity and describe the following:

-       The date (period)

-       A major botnet’s activity and list:

Source and Destination

How long the attack has been occurring

How has the attack been pulled off?  


At home watch the video by Stephen Vries at


Assignment 2

Find at least two major companies/organizations/NGO’s that have been attacked lately.

Explain what happened and how the company handled the situation.



Assignment 3

Look at the following keywords and state a short answer:

1.     What is confidentiality?

2.     What is integrity?

3.     What is authentication?

4.     What is authorization?

5.     What is availability?

6.     What is a Denial of Service (DoS) attack?

7.     What is DDos?

8.     What is a virus?

9.     What is a Trojan horse?

10.  What is a worm?

11.  What is a botnet?

12.  What is a zero day?

13.  What is an n-day?

14.  Is a bug the same as vulnerability?

15.  What is a weakness?

16.  Name 4 ways an attacker can act anonymously online


Assignment 4

Look at your list from assignment 0.

Then choose 1-2 of these attacks and detail the description, i.e. state the:

·       exploitability, how easy is it to do (and possibility of doing it)

·       prevalence(likelihood), how often does it occur (how common is it)

·       detectability, how easy is it to detect the vulnerability

·       impact, how severe is the damage of a successful attack

all using the scale: high, medium, low

Tip: Take a good look at …..find top ten security risks