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4. Semester: International Datamatician Course (Advanced Computer Science)
Useful links for Blockchain Assigment

For installation use:

Ehtereum papers

The easiet is to use Solidity and create an Ethereum wallet, token, MyEtherWallet, then sign transaction and use a test network to do transactions.....

Fast introduction to create token and later use it on Ropsten or Rinkeby test network.

A interesting possibility is implementing blockchain in Javascript

Another interesting possibility is implementing blockchain in C#

Longer and deeper introduction,(and really generate a real e-coin), which will cost you money and a copy of yor passport, I didnt do that

For deeper theoretical understanding read these:


BlockChain for dummies, Part 1-4

Original 2008 paper

Watch some YouTube videos 6 minutes 23 minutes 7 minutes
Blockchain for dummies, Part 1-4 4 videos (< 60 minutes totally)
Create Blockchain 1-4 in Javascript. Very nice actually.


Useful tricks for Blockchain assigment

You can try to create a token directly.

You can maybe choose between command-prompt or javascript solutions.

You can consider Lisk ( instead of Ethereum.